Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Lyrics of Destiny 2: Luna's Howl vs. Not Forgotten

Better Best Frogotten

Woah oh ah, woah oh ah

If only you'd read my mind
You'd see I was hurt inside
And thousand times I told myself
It's over, it's over
But the story has just begun
And, darling, what's done is done
It's time to change and leave the past behind
Why should we know all the answers
Or how the story ends?
So baby...

Let's take a chance on a happy ending
Let's turn the page and stop pretending
The past can stop a heart from mending
It's time to let go, 'cos baby you know
Some things are better best forgotten

Woah oh ah
And baby we can't pretend
In time, the scars will mend
Please believe me, there's a chance
Let's take it, lets take it
And maybe at last we'll find
That love should be true, not blind
You can't deceive a heart that's open wide
Even know, it's not to late
To change the story's end
So baby...


Woah oh ah, woah oh ah

The story has just begun
And darling what's done is done
Itls time to change and leave the past behind


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