Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Lyrics of MIT Professor Walter Lewi's Physics 801 Lecture 26

Half Light

It's like we're always in transition
Waitin' for the dawn
We're love without commitment
Afraid of movin' on
I don't know what it is between us
Bit I can't let it go
Some people say it's weakness
To me it's all I know
There ain't nothin'
I wanna do about it, baby
I couldn't change you anyhow
'Cause I love you here and now
So won't you lay with me in the shade of the half light
The shelter of your body is all I need to feel tonight
Lie with me in the shade of the half light
The circles that you're movin' in
May never bring you back to me again

I'll be an open window
And you can fly through me
Aty times you're just a shadow
Not close enough to see
But I find my definitions
'Cause when you look at me
As I lie here so breathless
I swear that it's enough
I know I made a promise
To never say a thing about our love

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