Thursday, January 28, 2021

Lyrics of 3rd Edge - In & Out

In & Out

In and out,up and down
in and out,up and down

Now i can be that man that you get to do
and i see the way you are when i undress you
get on that bed baby n show me how you stay
i wanna know if you like it hard or soft
but i know you'll like it my way

in and out
you like it baby
no telling me maybe
front to back
im lovin u baby
all over u baby
up and down
you're feelin it baby
i know u r baby
round and round
let me touch ur body there

now you are the type to give it to me right
lady you started this no backing out tonite no
give me some of you loving girl that you promised to give me
so undress yourself get comfortable feel my sexuality

said babe i know you got the feeling
in the bedroom with your legs to the ceilin
looking at your body with the clothes i'm peeling off you bb back
wanna come down with my attack
ten outta ten when it comes to the sack
jigga jigga jt on the bad boy track
here we go 3rd awa edge wanna come correct
when im lickin you first from your feet to your head (where?)
doesnt really matter on a couch or a bed
take it slow
do u think u can handle my flow
when i explode i'll be lettin u know
in and out vibe n away we go

checking the checking the right vibe
come a come alive
when i be riding the right mic inside i be lyrical bad boy the G intense MC
just wind ya booty
im a lyrical bad boy mc dapd- don
get upon the rhythum
ladies just shake down ya bumper
down to the dance floor
we'll getcha hyper

Danger - i got the mic inside
ladies - 4/5 by myside
all they - want is just to grind
oh no - that called a called a crime
gimme the keys to your chastity
wanna get down dirty getting freaky
don't wanna steal it so ask her nicly
just shake the hip and wind ya booty

in and out, dance,dance,dance front to back you got to, you got to hit em wid a killa role
up and down in and out vibe and away we go
sexual feeling gonna make you come down with the sounds of the bass and drum
in and out up and down baby, and down baby down with the sounds of the bass and drum


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