Monday, January 4, 2021

Lyrics of DI-RECT - get away (tim)

Get Away

Staring at the clock, it`s five to eight
It`s almost time but I can`t wait
To get myself out of here

Thinking about how I could say:
See you guy`s, I`ll go away
I think it`s time to run away.

I never stood up to tell the truth
Now I`m here, I`m watching you
To listen to what you have got to say

I really tried to stay
But I`m going my own way
I want to live from day to day

I`ve always lived this way
And I dreamed there would come a day
To run away, to get away

Now I`m strong enough to say:
Hey I`m living my own way.
To run away, to get away

Walk straight through that door
Would you ever dare before,
To see what`s on tha other side?

Every time I was afraid
But now this time I couldn`t wait
All this anger, all this hate, it`s not too late

To run away without a cause
It`s not too late, you`re the boss
So get away

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