Monday, January 4, 2021

Lyrics of Lil Romeo - Make You Dance

Make U Dance

(Lil Romeo)
Hey Lil Zane
(Lil Zane)
Yo wats up
(Lil Romeo)
You and Afficial meet me in Orlando
the girlies at Disney World two way me
I'm on the freeway ya heard
(Lil Zane)
I got dat

Boy your my angel, your my darling angel
Closer to me with all my needs, baby
Boy your my angel, your my darling angel
Boy your my friend in time of need, baby

Bridge: 2x
If you wanna dance I'mma make you dance
If you wanna move I'mma make you move
but if you down with No Limit say Romeo (Romeo, hey Romeo)

Verse 1:
You know I travel world wide from the west to the east
I can't drive
I gotta chauffer
I'm in the pasenger seat girls chasin me around when you know my plans is
I'm platinum plus whodi check yo fan mail
I'mma tell you why I'm here who gone stop me now you know
I got a club jumpin like Destiny's Child
I'mma mini millionaire pick apart the plate
Six Flags baby girl you can have it yo way.

Bridge: 2x

That's the way uh huh uh huh I like it uh huh
That's the way uh huh uh huh we like it uh huh

Verse 2:
Hey little shorty
got a mouth on him
a lot of homies lookin out for him
first he bought it to the South on em
and then we took it to the house on em
I know angels was lookin down on me
when he put it down for me
I grew up without my pop daddy missing single mother
me and my brother watchin her work the kitchen
she had a little red pot she used to cook grits in
and I know a broken home ain't worth fixin


Baby humma wasn't enough
I had to get me a jag
I don't lie bout nothin man
I mean look at my dad got the south on lock
whodie, I'm the best here.
No Limit sweats and sneaks,
we got the best gear.
The girls love me when I step on the stage
withmy baby face goin and my hair in the braids.
I know my body guards hate when I stop and wave.
And I been in more cities than I have birthdays.
Lil Zane and Afficial, they hold it down with me.
No Limit wylis (?) You need me? Just hit me

Romeo! Romeo! Hey Romeo!

Yo I think about haters tellin me I ain't seen nothin.
Tank shinin on my neck now and I guess that means somethin.
Last yearwe wasn't the thing of the streets.
Now we wasn't (something)
That's how we bringin the heat.
And they mad cuz I'm up in the Jag with Romeo.
No Limit to my n----s More cheese than Dominoes.
And they hate me cause I'm sinner of attraction.
And like the Lakers on the tour.
The best like Phil Jackson.
We gonna floss out the world, they ain't ready for this.
Sound scared to the (?) it's a radio hit.
Girls runnin like buses when they see us with Rome
we gon do ituntil we old in a retirement home.


Bridge: 2x

Hook: 1x

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