Monday, January 4, 2021

Lyrics of Lil Romeo - That's Kool (Remix)

That's Kool (Remix)

Come on y'all East Coast, West Coast, South
Lil' Romeo
Silkk the Shocker
Soulja Music
You know what we bout boy
Yeah you know
We gone remix this for the little ones
Where my souljas at
What!! What!!
Where my whodies at
What!! What!!
Bounce, shake
Lets do this!!

(Verse 1: Lil Romeo)
Throw your hands up, form a circle yall stand up
Get crunk, everybody leave them hands up
Scream loud, this is the time to be wild
I'ma rock it til the music go off, please be crowd
Stop playin, I want to see you shout anyway
Throw them bows, wobble wobble, its a special occasion
Get yo dance on, wild out before the last song
Grab a shorty, get buck, get yo mash on
Ride quicker, and get on the floor
I wanna see you do it like you never did it before
This the remix so you know I'm gone ball
Me and uncle Silkk came to spin it for y'all
Girls if you bout it, then get off the wall
Make em' bounce to the music ma give it your all
Party at he bowling alley yall rite at the mall
If you got problems at the door then give me a call

Need somebody with some dough
That's kool
Who gone keep it on the low
That's kool
Who gone do you right
That's kool
Need a soulja in your life that's right
Need a shorty with some ends
That's Kool
Baby hummer, baby benz
That's kool
No Limit gear for your friends
That's Kool
Write your number here's a pen
That's Kool

(Verse 2: Silkk the Shocker)
Who you know can go woof and buy the mall out
Room to small tear the walls out
Shop til you drop mean shop til you fall out
You know how No Limit do it whody go all out
Aint my fault, we gotta get cash
Aint my fault, ride bentlies and jag
Flashy type, like how we gone miss
Cause I got the baddest chick (and I got her lil sister)
Silkk and Rome you know we stay off da chain
Concert pack you know they gone be screamin our name
Miller boyz look its all the same
Lovers for haters, look its all a game
Say she heard about me and love that I ball
Love my height, she love that I'm tall
Then step one, now its time for step two
How can I ever go broke when I can borrow a million from my nephew


(Verse 3: Lil Romeo & Little D)
Still clubin the party aint over
We still jumpin, still bumpin, look at the forms still pumpin
Music so loud in here you scare somethin
D doogg where you at let me here somethin

(Little D)
Right here in my No Limit gear hands in da air
To all my younggins tank doggs is full up in here
Where the girls at holla back loud in ya ear
Make way for the kids yall this is our year

(Lil' Romeo)
Walkin in threw it like it aint ever been done
y'all to serious loosin up you gotta have fun
Love music been bouncin ever since I was one
Lil' Rome soulja music another one huh

(Little D)
My homework is we can party for sho
Meet me at the playground at a quarter to four
Mom said its all good she said I can go
It's on too with me when you ready to roll


Blaaaa stick it, ha ha ha stick it
Blaaaa stick it, ha ha ha stick it
Shake it, shake it, pop it, pop it, break it, break it
Twerk somethin (Twerk somethin)
Work somethin (Work somethin)
Keep it jumpin but dont hurt nothin (hurt nothin)
North, south, east, west (soulja)
North, south, east, west (Silkk the Shocker, Romeo)
No Limit, No Limit, bounce, bounce
Next level (Rolex's all kind of levels)
That's All!!

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