Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Lyrics of Donell Jones - Shorty (Got Her Eyes On Me)

Shorty (Got Here Eyes On Me)

Well, well, well, well, well, well...
Check it out

(Verse 1)
Sitting at the light she pulled up for my right
Looking in the mirror making sure her shit was tight
I know she felt me watching, looking scared to look my way
I know she wants to look, but I think I've got her shook
Under pressure, you don't know what to do
She's got two cuties with her and I got my peoples, too
She put it in one, stepped on the gun and made me yield
Looked inside, gave me a smile, then she moved
What am I gonna do?

Tell me which way did she go
Pretty young thing in a GS4
Love was so bangin' had me open from the door
Tell me have you seen her
She had a smile that I couldn't forget
Shining by the thunder floss pieces around her neck
The girl was so fine
I just gotta make her mine
Tell me have you seen her
Have you seen her?

(Verse 2)
It's been awhile now
And I'm steady on the case
Everyday I'm looking for her face
Is like a dream to me
And I gotta make it real
Gotta let her know just how I feel
Now there she goes again
Driving by, I hit my horn, she throws her beams on high
I put my joint in gear
And I tried to give chase
She dissappears again without a trace
Tell me have you seen her?


I've gotta find her
Where did you go, babe?
Hmm, listen...
Girl, you seem to think you've got away from me
You got me looking me looking for you in all these busy streets
I must admit I got it bad for you
It's just a little taste of all the things I'll do for you

(Chorus/Fade Out)

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