Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Lyrics of Donell Jones- You Should Know

You Should Know

You can't have my love no more

You should know it's over now
Cause I got another love
So I'm saying...
You should know it's over now
Cause I got another love

(Verse 1)
You never gave me all your special time
Cause you're too busy hanging out
That's not what my love's about
I gave my heart my soul my trust to you
You tried to play me for a fool
That's why I found somebody new


(Verse 2)
You don't have to play these games no more
Cause there's someone new in my life
And they always treat me right
I don't even know why you still try
Cause there's no way I'm coming back
Girl it's way too late for that


I need someone who's there for me
You just don't have that quality
I tried to give you everything
But you couldn't love me
So I'm saying...

(Chorus/Vamp out)

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