Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Lyrics of Montell Jordan - Let's Cuddle Up

Let's Cuddle Up

Verse 1
Here we are again
In this bed again
Making love again
Afraid to let it end
The sex seems better when
We've had an argument
But you're not leaving, and I'm not leaving
So let's do what we came to do
Even though last night
We said it was over
But we're here tonite
Just getting started
It's possible
We're break up again in the morning
So turn it up
Press rewind
Let's get it on
One last time
Verse 2
So we kissed and said goodnite
Then a little time went by
You found somebody new,
We'll I'm seeing someone too
But she can't take the place of you
And our arguments and fights
'Cuz our breakin' up
And our makin' up
Has made some unforgettable nights
Repeat Chorus 2X
Lying in my arms
The calm after the storm
When the tears fall
The music can down out the sound of you crying
It's hard to be just friends
It'll probably hurt again
So let's just pretend,
We're still in love
Vamp Chorus

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