Saturday, October 9, 2021

Lyrics of Ain't That Peculiar-Marvin Gaye

Aint That Peculiar

Ain't that peculiarmarvin gayewritten by: william "smokey" robinson/marvin tarplin/robert rogers/warren moorehoney you do me wrong but still i'm crazy about youstay away too long and i can't do without youevery chance you get you seem to hurt me more and morebut each hurt makes my love stronger than beforei know flowers go through rain but how can love go through painain't that peculiara peculiar alityain't that peculiar babypeculiar as can beyou tell me lies that should be obvious to mei've been so much in love with you baby til i don't wanna seethat things you do and say are designed to make me blueit's a dog gone shame my love for you makes allyour lies seem truebut if the truth makes love last longerwhy do lies make my love strongerain't that peculiara peculiar alityain't that peculiar babypeculiar as can bei cried so much just like a child thats lost its homemaybe baby you think these tears i cry are tears of joya child can cry so much until you do everything they saybut unlike a child my tears don't help me to get my wayi know love can last through yearsbut how can love last through tears(repeat chorus)

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