Monday, October 11, 2021

Lyrics of All I Want (Full Song) | Season 2 | STAR

All I Need Is You

Verse1: i have everything i want,
nothing that i need,
love has come and gon',
some nights i cry because i'm all alone
waiting for love to rescue me,
hoping love would set me free,

chorus: all i need is love to come and rescue me
all i need is a piece of mind to set me free
all i need is someone to help me find the missing me
all i need is you

Verse2: i'm guilty of loving you,
more and more each day,
your touch and your smile,
moves me in every way
i'm guilty of caring for you,
when you're hurt, and down and out
when you're mad or sad
or trying to find out what the problem is about
i'm guilty of missing you,
thinking of you everyday,
thinking and hoping
to see you again someday

hook: you cause me pain,
now, all i see is rain,
all the storms has come and gone,
neither one of us should be alone
repeat chourus 3 times

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