Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Lyrics of All Messed Up - The Donnas

All Messed Up

Well i must have had too many diet cokes
'cause i'm laughing at all your pathetic jokes
you gotta stop spinning my head around
you turn me inside out and uspide down
now i'm all mess up
i dont know what to do
'cause i'm all messed up
all messed up on you
(all messed up on you [x2] )
you know i didn't mean to get so addicted
it's just like miss cleo predicted
all i wanna do is call you on the phone
you got me higher than the ozone
now i just can't get you outta my head
why dont you just get in my bed
when i first saw you on your big wheels
boy you know you had me head over heels

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