Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Lyrics of All My Doors

All My Doors

I've be waiting for you
to tell me something i already knew
and i've been waiting for some indication
that the hardest part is through
and i've been walking these hills in the afternoon
watching the snow line slowly recede
thinking if there's nothing that's mine to keep
then there is nothing i will ever need
And all my doors are open wide
And i am staring at my life
hearing sweet laughter of someone
I haven't seen for a long long time
and if there's nothing i expect
Then what the hell do i stand to lose
if given a choice between this and something easy
I know what i'd choose
'cause i've already chosen
These are things she dreams of one warm breeze
wafting up the avenue
meanwhile they talk of sleet and snow in every bar
on every radio

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