Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Lyrics of Bob Rivers Comedy Corp - The Twelve Pains Of Christmas (HQ)

All I Wanna Do, Is Trash This Song

It's worse than disco
it's worse that achy breaky fever too
this is l. a. m. e.
If i gotta hear this stupid little song again i'll die
but it's on next to me i don't know where
Looks like it's sheryl crow or nothing
and this song's sure a big one
an' i'm sure that it's catchy, it's gotta be making money
but it's burnt crispy to me
and i wonder if i'll hear it everyday
for the rest of my whole life
Well a sappy d. j. intros this song
i'm dangerously close to a radio speaker
but i turn it of quick with this crowbar
All i wanna do is trash this song
i gotta feeling i'm not the only one
What i wanna do is load my gun
gimme that cd i'll put some holes in one
It's no longer new, it's overdone
it gives me a headache, and i'm not the only one
All i wanna do is smash this tune
and when this song comes on
rip the stereo right out of my car
And if i hum this one
rip my hair right out and kick me real hard!

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