Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Lyrics of ELECTRIC BOYS All Lips 'n' hips

All Lips And Hips

“now hear this”
Let me tell you a story about a sweet hootchie-coo
who’s a dancin’ on the table right in front of you
she works all day in her old man’s store
but she can’t get enough she wanna earn some more
daddy’s little angel’s tongue in cheek
so by the end of the week she close the boutique
change her name (that’s part of the game)
while her daddy sits and wonders who’s the hell to blame
do you wanna dance, do you wanna dance here
do you wanna dance here, wanna take a chance tonight
do you wanna dance, do you wanna dance here
do you wanna dance here, wanna make romance tonight
oh, oh she’s in the spotlight!!!
she’s all lips and hips. she knows how to use ‘em to make you flip
lips and hips. and she gets ya with a wink of a fingertip
lips and hips. you can tell that she knows how to give a kiss
lips and hips. when she’s found the target she never miss
Now did i ever tell ya about the tattoo on her breast
(she’s got a tattoo on her breast) tattooed by the best
it keeps rockin’ from the east to the west
and she don’t try to hide it by the way she’s dressed
when she comes walking straight up to the table
like a boy in a cradle you begin to shake
its not only the time that gets hard for you
when she whispers in your ear you’ll…….now
Lips and hips

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