Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Lyrics of Jason Mraz - Have It All (with LYRICS)

All Is Well

Moses molding clay
Wonders what he's lost
Searching in the dirt
Lord, I'm not the first
I'm below
Royal jealousy
All is well
All is well

Jesus hanging up
Marvels at the view
Father, how it hurts
Lord, it could be worse
I'm above
All your leprosy
All is well
All is well

Lord spare me from staying in control
Take the reins, lead me astray
I don't want to be this way anymore

Tell me holy ghost stories until
I lie shivering
In fear and belief

Take me in your hand, lord, and pull me
Until I spray insanity
As you like your flock to do

Mohammed takes the blame
For kali's wedding gown
Murder in her smile
Lord, spare me this trial
I'm so confused
Don't know where to turn
All is well
All is well

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