Monday, October 11, 2021

Lyrics of Kevin Ray "I don't believe you have it in you"

All I Need Is You

Baby i was just thinking the other day
about all the good times in our life
and when we were together
so i sat down one evening and started thinking
about you and thinking about all the laughs we shared
so what i did was i sat down and wrote a song for you
this song is a song that came from my heart
this song you won't find anywhere else but in my heart
and here it is, it's called, "all i need is you"
just the other day
while watching the t.v.
i saw a movie that reminded me of you
so then i walked away
and went up to my room
closed the door and sat down thinking
i started to recall the memories that we shared
then i softly started to cry
because i haven't seen you and just how much i miss you
so baby, this song is for you
for all the times we laughed
for all the times we cried
for the time we shared our lives
when our hearts were one
i want it to be that way again
i need you in my life
not a day goes by that i just wish to see
you standing next to me
because now i finally realize
that in my life
all i need is you
Baby, girl
i always want to be near
with you everyday for the rest of my life
i finally understand
the mistakes i made in life
of not being true to you
just let me take the time
to show you how much i care about you
In all the years i've known you
you were always right there
and i was always running
far behind from you
now i finally realize
without you in my life
my life is just a blur
and in your heart i know
that you still love me so
let me take this chance
to tell you how i truly feel for you
i miss your smile
i miss your touch
i miss the taste of your sweet kiss
every time i look into you're sparkling eyes
i see it all come true
now i'm writing you this song
because i love you so
and in my life
i could never love anyone more
than as much as i love you
and all that i need in life
is just to be with you
from now until death do us part
and all i need is you in my heart
So baby as you can see
there is no other person in my life
i just want to be with you
for the rest of my life
i want to grow old with you
and from this day on
i want you to know
that i'll always be true to you
Forever we will be
together you and me
i need you in my life
you're the only one for me
who can make my fantasies come true
and before i go
i just want you to know
from this day forth
all i need is you in my life
baby all i need in you

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