Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Lyrics of Lil Wayne - Let Em All In ft Euro & Cory Gunz [Dedication 6] (WORLD PREMIERE!)

All In All

Waiting at the door for some kind of life
You never step outside because the fears you fight
Can turn the day to night
But only in your head
And you say you're the only one that knows
Well I don't give in to that nobody but me stuff
I know where you go when you're down
That place where falling stars tear up the ground
And pace around

(All in all it's the same old thing
Float around until you get pulled in
Gather it up and we leave it behind
For someone else to see)

Take it as it comes, you take it when you want
But don't waste a fight if it doesn't feel right
But dear God don't give up
Kisses on your hand
And slaps on your face is part of life
Everybody gets their share of both, love

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