Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Lyrics of Petra - All Over Me

All Over Me

All over me, all over me
I've got the blood of an innocent man
All over me

He never did anything to hurt anyone
But He said something bout being God's own Son
Some people believed Him, some people received Him
Some people wouldn't stop till they saw Him die

Like an innocent lamb He was taken away
He never opened His mouth He had nothing to say
He just let them accuse Him, He just let them abuse Him
And the people wouldn't stop till they saw Him die

They nailed His hands and His feet to the wood
At the foot of His cross all His enemies stood
He said \"Father forgive them\" - He gave them all He could give them
Then He gave up His life and they watched Him die

They laid His body in a rich man's tomb
But He rose from the dead and He's coming back soon
You can choose to believe it, you can choose to receive it
You can choose to believe that He did over you

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