Thursday, October 14, 2021

Lyrics of point of grace(lyrics of all that i need)

All That I Need

Sometimes I know you can read my mind;
deep down inside where my fears are hiding.
Whisper so tender the way that you do.
There's a love that's forever
I've found in you.
I know sometimes I ask you for the moon.
Reach for a star and I long to hold you.
How can this love be so simple for you?
That you reach out and touch me,
and suddenly I see

All that I need is you.
Always forever with you.
I feel your love,
and I realize
all I ever needed was you;
just you.

Once in a while a dream will come true.
A moment in time created by you.
Things less important start falling away.
There's a truth down inside me,
and I hear my heart say

Repeat Chorus

I remember a time
when love was so hard to find.
I was never really satisfied,
needing what I just denied.
Oh, but now I see
so suddenly.

Repeat Chorus

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