Thursday, October 14, 2021

Lyrics of Poison Clan All They Good 4

All They Good 4

(Yo, my nigga, fuck that bitch! Tell them all they good for!)

Verse 1: JT Money
Time for them bitches with the
Weave and bangols, big ear rings, and jangols
Walkin' 'round town lookin' all pretty
Actin' all seditty, attitude shitty!
You can't front on me, bitch, I know ya ass
You was valedictorian of my class
Used to copy your papers, you lil' nerd
Now you tryin' to get fly? That shit's for the birds!
Seen you every day jumpin' in cars
BMW's, Benz's and Jaguars
Guess you're lettin' all the dope niggas hit ya
See you on the picture, lettin' three get ya
I remember when niggas couldn't touch you
Sold you a buck or two, now they can fuck you!
You got to rap, now I guess that's kinda fun
Because you made projects from 1991
Simply nothin', hoe! You gets nothin', hoe!
Seen you on film, and now you're frontin'? Yo,
Bitch, don't try to flauge, 'cause all you good for
Is some head and a back massage!

All they good FOR! (4x)

Verse 2: JT Money
I know this bitch who fucked niggas with big money
Now she got a big tummy, lookin' like a big dummy
Told another hoe she fiendin' for John Doe
Don't even know his last name and claims she gettin' John's dough
Hoe, you ain't nothin' but a trick bitch,
Schemin' on niggas, tryin' to get rich
Talkin' bout, \"So-and-so is my nigga,\"
Sittin' on your ass while your bank account's gettin' bigger
But one nigga bust you up and ran
Now you stuck with a baby on your hands
Lookin' at the next man? Don't even bother
It's not my fault you don't know your baby's father
You wouldn't know the nigga now if you see him!
Only thing you know is that the nigga drives a BM
Seen (?), now you layin' on the mattress,
Don't know his name, phone number or his address
And you even needs that to get a case
Dumb bitch, lookin' like shit in the face
Sit yo' ass down, take the loss, and
Use that burgundy check for an abortion
'Cause, hoe, you can never live large
All you good for is some head and a back massage

All they good FOR!
Bitch, all you good FOR!
Trick hoe, all you good FOR!
Stinkin' mouth bitch, all you good FOR!
Slut, all you good FOR!
Get off my dick, HOE!
(Heyyyyy, just gimme some more!)

Verse 3: JT Money
I hate bitches that try to play dumb
I got 99 motherfuckin' problems; a bitch ain't one
See hoes walkin' 'round with tight clothes
In spandex - blacks, even white hoes!
Lookin' like sluts! Draws up they butt,
And they frontin' and want to fuck!
They ain't nothin' but dick-teasers
Need to stop fakin' and let a nigga skeeze ya
Or you'll be The Bitch That I Hate
Or a motherfuckin' victim of date rape
I know you're with it, so just get it and just shut up
Get in your stance, face down and your butt up
Come out that skirt and that shirt so I can insert,
Go to work, do your dirt, make it hurt, then squirt
On your back, like a mack is supposed to
Grab the dick, make it spit on your clothes too
'Cause all you do is SPLAK!
Talkin' 'bout whippin' me? Oh, bitch, it ain't all that!
JT Money is TOO large! And all you good for
Is some head and a back massage!

All they good FOR!
Stinkin' mouth bitch, all you good FOR!
Stank pussy hoe, all you good FOR!
Stupid-ass trick, you know what I want!

Just suck a nigga' dick, hoe!

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