Thursday, October 14, 2021

Lyrics of Stand By Me | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

All The World To Me

Verse 1
Hey lonely one, for you there is no sun to shine on you
and get you through the day
you’re not the only one who feels they’ve been undone
i’ll be your watch and your sympathetic coach
Through a lonely valley that leads to your heart
i embark on a journey that ends before it starts
couldn’t you just be open this one time only?
because your happiness means all the world to me

verse 2

Hey lonely son, for me there is no one but you
to get me through the day
lost and angry, scared- are feelings that we shared
and when you cry just know i’m on your side
Chorus (repeat)
So, here we are again
with the changing tides i feel our relation end
i’m here to say that nothing can take my love away
Verse 3
You mean the world to me
i’ve said repeatedly
the loving warmth of kinship will prevail
put your hand in mine and you will know in time:
one day you’ll have a son and then you’ll know what i’ve done for you

chorus (repeat)

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