Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Lyrics of 07 - Black M.F. In The House

Black M.f. In The House

Hey yo, what up man?
how much it cost 2 get in this motherfuc***?
what the... u people can't come in here
what u talkin' about man?
this is not the place 4 u
shit, all i wanna do is use your telephone (turn all that fuc*** shit off)
(hey, hold on u, u just... hell, u just go now! let go of me!)
why u white motherfuckin' peckerwood, u redneck son-of-bitch!
(that fuc*** nigga - get out!)
i'll kick your motherfuckin' ass! (hold back!)
here we go
If u ain't got no money, u can't taste mine
man, he got 2 be crazy
Yo, what's this motherfuc*** talkin about g?
yo tone, i don't know
cold grab the mic and just wreck some shit!
(come on y'all) {sample repeats in song}
U got a black motherfuc*** in the house on the 1 and 2
some who don't like the language, i say "yo, f*** u!"
cuz this a record and i'm irate
and as a matter of fact, let's set the motherfuckin' record straight
some of u can't stand the way i bring it
and can't stand the way a black motherfuc*** swings it
check this out g
if u never stereotyped it, the stereotype would never be, ho!
But 4 now, u got some black motherfuc*** in the house
(what up, loc?) (oh my god!)
yeah, u got some black motherfuc*** in the house
(what up, loc?) (oh my god!)
Don't u hate it when a jig is in the house? (yep)
he ain't been in the club 5 minutes
'fore 6 or 7 cuss words flyin' out his mouth (fuck u)
hand all on his erection
makin' rude gestures in your girl's direction
don't u hate it when they get up and dance?
u don't watch soul train, u ain't got a chance
what the hell they got 2 come here 4? (hell, i don't know cliff)
Next time we need a big white sign at the door that says
"no black motherfuc*** in the house" (yep, that'll do it)
get the hell out of here
no black motherfuc*** in the house
(common ho) (oh my god!)
best place 4 a coon's in the tree (yep, get a rope)
I don't know charlotte, that big one's kinda cute (black, black)
why he could stir my lemonade any day
(black motherfuc*** in the house)
Ah, here he comes again
Now i'm hyped and i'm vexed, streamin' 2 set it off
it's time we saw u with the n.p.g., the refs get off
i mean we come off, i believe it's cuz of the shit we tossed
i'm thinkin' about the redneck motherfuc*** who thinks he's the boss
who's the dudes that let loose the vibe?
yo, and labeled me just another chicken-eatin' nigga in the tribe
4 a man with no tribe is a man with no family
dumb motherfuc***, understand me?
What did u say? billy bob, go get my pistol (mm-hmm)
u got some black motherfuc*** in the house
(what up, loc?) (oh my god!)
i'll cut your ass
yeah, u got some black motherfuc*** in the house
(get up, loc) (oh my god!)
{repeat phrase 3 times}
black, black {x3}
black motherfuc*** in the house

Hey, let go of my arm
nigga, what's wrong with u?
uh oh
where u taking me?
shut up
ooh, is that your car?
u know it
Cliff, u gotta do something
damn, this shit is boring
why don't u boots do a solo or something? u...
hey boy, u gonna play the piano or just bang on it?
(black, black, black motherfuc*** in the house)
about time, hell
(black, black, black motherfuc*** in the house)
cliff, that boy on that piano kinda good
he's alright, it's that big one i got a problem with
billy bob, get my pistol, shit
and he got a real pretty mouth
now watch
Yo, u got the black motherfuc*** in the house (what up, loc?)
see, that's what i'm talkin about, he...
he oughta keep his place (he oughta keep his place)
sho'nuff some black motherfuc*** in the house (what up, loc?)
Alright, where is he?
floyd, what in the sam hill did happen 2 u?
[cut them niggaz in a ... ] (i kinda like that part)
ha, ha, ha
Can i tell u one thing i do not like?
give a f*** what u like! (i'll do him, cliff)
i do not... boy, don't u holler at me, i hate that
casey trippin', boy in the house
i don't like my...
come here boy
i don't like crackers in my soup
don't u know i will cut your ass 3 ways: long, deep and constantly!
Come on y'all
stop racism now!

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