Saturday, November 20, 2021

Lyrics of Amazing Rhythm Aces - Big Ole Brew

Big Ole Brew

Well i work a
double shift at the plant
and i work on the outside
i'd like rather be back home
makin' love with my new bride
and there's only two things
that i want 'em real bad
at my double-wide
that's a big ole brew
and a little ole you
And i know you're workin'
every day just as hard as i do
if i didn't think that
i might of loved you but
i wouldn't say i do
and there's only two things
in the that i need to get close to
is a big ole brew
and a little ole you
Well i got more things
meetin' in the middle
but i can't seem to get 'em tied
but i don't care long as
i know you'll be by my side
Well i ain't gonna work this
hard every day of my lifetime
one of these days everytihng
that i want's gonna be mine
but if it ain't evrything's
bonna be right as long as
there's sunshine and...
a big ole brew
little ole you
oh...just a big ole brew
and little ole you

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