Thursday, November 25, 2021

Lyrics of Arthemesia - Blade Circle

Blade Circle

Portal of the holder,
keeper of the seven blades!
portrait of the order,
silver on the 5th. horn!
six dying stars,
opens the secrets to thine legacy!
nine towers climbing high,
28 shady steps to power!
under the sullen ancient sky,
69 disciples are chanting nocturnal verses,
the prophet of the luciferian eye
raises his arms and bows then:
"deliver us, o`mighty satan,
from all past error and delusion,"
blade circle!
"that, having set our foot
upon the path of darkness
and vowed ourselves
to thy service,"
"we may not weaken in our resolve,
but with thy assistance,
grow in wisdom
and strenght"
blade circle!

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