Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Lyrics of AZTEC JADE -Black October

Black October

Lady madonna turn your eyes from me
wipe away the tears from your face
tears no man shall ever see
Hail mary full of grace
tainted by the blood we spill
ours is not the master race
in deciding who to kill
Mother mary please forgive me
a soldier's eyes are not his own
blind to what they see
Mother mary please forgive me
l'm just a pawn in a madman's game
no escape for me
From place to place
and cities they go
to cleanse them of humanity
executions and cyanide
disregard their dignity
His soldiers think they have the power
he thinks he holds the key
killing people from the promise land
a trial weighs your destiny
Take away the pain from my eyes
i can't look upon the shame any more
take away the pain from my eyes
his reichs not worth fighting for
As i look deep within your eyes
i see my own face of sin
now i know within my end
a new age will begin
Mother mary please forgive me
take away the pain from my eyes
so i can no longer see

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