Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Lyrics of Black Fonzerelliz

Black Fonzirelliz

* 22 seconds of skit before lyrics *
aiyyo i'm sean price i'm six foot one
dark skinned stocky build with a big gun
six sons on the ones with the lump sums
stick guns get funds make your chick run
my chick done said she like the way i toke blunts
drink liquor write scriptures and my gold fronts
plus the way my pants hang make her wonder how
my baggy jeans stay up baby i'm well endowed
see it's all, i know you wasn't expectin that
or figure ruck messin with chicks makin executive trap
they get better than that, she don't care who i bomb
long as i treat her right and bring my black ass home
hehehehehehe, look at shorty right there
* whistling * i'm baggin that son
Hey, the name is alban baby, but call me what you wanna
nowhere near, i blew up some call me rockness monstah
i'm the, heathen you was warned about by your momma
that'll never love you as much as i love my marijuana
hang out from sundown to sun up, startin a ton of drama
with thugs, snake me one time they will harm ya
still you goodie-goodie chicks be all attracted to my karma
let's be friends some other time right now i'm tryin to get behind ya
she responded, she better stop listenin to momma
love my rugged steez and my whole aura was the bomber
asked to see my scar and taxed it, felt my six pack then asked
if she could drink it, blew my grill before i hit that
stroh's? all that then?
c'mon man, that ain't no good girl
what's wrong with you man?
is you stupid?
that is a good girl bwoyy!
i know i got a good woman, on my team
i used to have five chicken and i tricked mad cream
but the first one i met yo she was actin wack
and the second one got dissed cause she was smokin smack
but the third was a herb, you could tell that she's
on some bull, cause she flipped when she smelled my weed
but the fourth one, heard the pj's looked mean
got with the fifth chick, because she couldn't clean
my question is, why do nice chicks love rugged dudes?
the whole thought puzzles me, i'm just glad they do
they got they own little -- "i like these upside down 304's"
silly rabbit -- tricks give up all they do
not i, hell nah yo, check my track record, bravo
don't eat coochie shorty understand i'm too macho
daytime act like saints -- but they can't fool me
g the freak come out of them at night like we whodini
hehehehehe, "the freaks come out at night"
tell you somethin about freaks dog, yaknahmean?
sup, shorty, yo, word up son
i met shorty on the ave son
right there by white castle
word she talkin bout 40 dollars son
i was like man, i gave her two dollars right and i said
"yo, you take one ? right, and brush your teeth first"
hahahaha, yaknahmsayin after she did that
man you stupid man, get out of here, get out of here, yo
big up to all my black fonzirelliz in the house
first of all me, big sexy, alban d'traz
my man sean peeeee, he a black fonzirelli
my man wiliam h, definitely a black fonzirelli
knahmean? benjamin grand, black man he get the girl
black fonzirelli are these days, knahmean?
black fonzirelli get the ass (no he ain't!)
he do i'm sayin, he do what he do son, knowhati'msayin?
the black fonzirelli..

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