Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Lyrics of Black Label, White Lies

Black Label And White Lies

Well i bragged and said i had
a women that loved me to much
to get mad when i stayed out in
them neon lights to long
oh but late last night i was late again
she was moved out when i walked in
and i realized the fool i'd been
now all i've got to do is fool my friends
black label and white lies
sitting round the table telling other guys
how it broke her heart to let me go
i ordered up another round
tell um how her tears came down
try to save some foolish pride
with black label and white lies
Well i've sat right here to many nights
saying that women was wrapped to tight
to come undone unless i's to cut the strings
so i'm buying drinks with this months rent
trying to look like i'm glad she went
now i got no woman i got no sense
but i got everybody here convinced
mabelle bring us another round
knowing i could never live this down
cover up these blues inside
with black label and white lies

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