Friday, November 26, 2021

Lyrics of Blessed


I saw you play last night

And the room and I hung on your every word
And you burned off that rain
Burned off the smallness of my town
And October seemed to pale beside you

Held on with one hand to that bar
Now I hate to speak of magic
But what other words do I have to tell you?
For the record I knew
As for my \"Diamonds & Rust\"
Well I don't feel damned no I feel blessed
Yeah I feel blessed

If these strings they can recall
Than I pray that they will show me
Pressed into the hollow of your fingers
And the hollow of my throat
If you spend your days doing what you love
Than love it seems comes easily
Now I feel blessed, yeah I feel blessed

And the girls hung on your arm
And they pulled out all their charm
And you shook each and every hand

And then were gone
It's like your blessed
Oh it's like your blessed

These songs they came my way
At a time in which I questioned
The value of what we do
Between impending war and unpaid bills
Mine was the privilege of confusion
As for this humming in my chest
Only the singing could still
It's like you're blessed, oh it's like you're blessed

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