Thursday, November 25, 2021

Lyrics of dj honda / Blaze It Up feat. BlackAttack

Blaze It Up

[Featuring Black Attack]

[Intro: ]

Big Black A&B representitive. Blaze It Up remix like that.

What? Blazin' it up across the land to Japan. Like that.

O.K. it's goin' down baby. No doubt

word up. A yo Honda spit some hot shit. Blaze it up son.

[A&B: ]

Yo Black Attack yes indeed

Read to set this off no matter what the speed

Cause I flips my delivery

Uncontrollably foul on you son duke why you holdin' me?

I guess it's the way I brake ya ankles with the lyrical

Like Allen I've shakin' Mike down somethin' hysterical

You believe in miracles (what?) well good

Cause If's gonna take that times infinity to keep me out your hood

(Slow down) I can't I'm blazin' like fire with no wood (oh)

You brakin' shit down so it's all understood

Ha ha bring that back

Funkdafied like Da Brat Black Attack flipppin' the track

Representin' like that let me find out y'all cats

Don't know (y'all don't know) black about to blow like Po (like Po)

Without the doe (without the doe) so yo fast or slow

I glow like a three double 0

Vergo's in the house now flow


Blaze it up up up up we gon burn it down \"Blaze it up\"-Onyx

Blaze it up up up up Honda brings it down

Blaze it up up up up we gon burn it down

Blaze it up blaze it up

[Sean Black: ]

They use to call me Sean Black

Known for being a Trooper like Isuzu

Not worried about what you do

Black magic like voodu

But still proceed to shoot my lyrics right through you

You ask for a battle son I bring it right to you (oh yeah)

Rep to Roosevelet Island run with A&B

Got props all over the world like the B.C.C.

We be the illest, strong arm like Kevin Willis (Willis)

I feel it's time to let them know who be the realest

Fake cats play the back while get this doe

You can bring your best but you can never match this flow

Black the new kid, the one you never heard of (heard of)

Nigga that's on some cool out shit but lyrically committing murder

Touch tracks upf rom the back up

Niggas betters top slackin' off and twist this sack up

This the Black Attack shit what?

y'all niggas know how it go y'all could never stop the flow

That's my word baby bro

[Hook ]

Sure enough funky DJ Honda oooh.

Black Attack in the house oooooh

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