Thursday, November 25, 2021

Lyrics of Dj Skittles Soca|Club Mix


you know that i'm very blanco
this is what you want though
at least i'm not ghetto
now wait just a second
look at my complection
i can give affection
tell me i'm the best and you will find out
Verse 1:
s-k-i-double t-l-e
feel me, know me, just who i be
w-h-i-t plus e, thats me
white as can be, only a teen
you know i'm real, you know the deal
you know i'm good, know who you feel
you hear my song it makes you squeal
got your plate now eat your meal
judge me good or judge me bad
call me straight, call me a fag
i dont care, i'll just admit
no matter what you say, your words aint shit
although i'm white, i aint gon' quit
dont think you'll get me to commit
to you, i just wanna do you
move onto something new
but the color of my skin aint nothin new
not afraid to represent, i will stay true
dont wanna turn black, dont wanna do that
dont want no braids, dont want a dew rag
i'll stay my own, weeds homegrown
i'll stay the king and take my throan
serve my time and end my term
but in the meantime, you will learn
to get my respect something you earn
my personal life, not your concern
you interfere, then thats on you
listen my dear, no room for two
i'm on my own, spotlights on me
not tied down, thats some relief
all alone but its fine with me
i'm doin much better and soon you'll see
Verse 2:
let me reply, give insight
i'm not black (no!) i'm all white
white is the color (blanco es color)
like no other (blanco amor)
aint no other white boys bringing these rhymes
eminem is old, better keep up with the time
white boyz cant jump, thats the line
who the hell said that? i can jump just fine
sick of being judged, all these jokes
just 'cause they're black dont mean they're po' folks
just 'cause i'm white dont mean i can't rap
lay out the history, let's recap
who gots an album, me not you
who wrote the tracks, me not you
so i'm gonna tell em, see me through
to suck this sack, and its blanco too
look and you'll see
you'll believe
i am white
you'll agree
now you know
so i'll show
i'm blanco
and i'm a pro
Chorus (fade out)

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