Friday, November 19, 2021

Lyrics of Fear Factory - Big God/Raped Souls [HD]

Big God/raped Souls

In America today,
Every 25 fucking
Seconds someone
Is viciously raped,
Someone is
Brutally violated;
250 times a day,
Someone is murdered,
Someone's life is taken,
In America;
This is America,
This is America,
And I love America,
I love America!

No remorse for the pain
Look into the eyes of death
Strong man cannot endure
Big god of this earth

Big god, no god!

Take back this life
Give back this world
\"Woe to you
Of earth and sea\"
Big god will always be

Big god, no god!

Raped souls

God raped souls
Of our lives
Hammers crush all our lives
Just like clockwork
They'll crush our lives

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