Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Lyrics of Jethro Tull - Black Sunday (live 1980)

Black & White Television

I looked in the mirror then
saw my face in a dream.
with eyes sharp as diamonds
blessed with clear vision
things were not as they seemed
black and white television
stared back from the wall.
is that my life?
am i here at all?
down in the high road, see
motor cavalcades glide
past shopwindow dressers
desperately covering
all the parts they can hide.
black and white television
stares at me again.
is that their lives?
even dummies pretend.
the truth is so hard to deny.
the answer is here
the screen never lies.
black and white television.
it's the right television.
show me it's all a dream tonight.
the boys on the corner sulk
in their suzuki haze.
in primary colours
(each year more startling)
but they still fade to grey
on black and white television.
it's sweeping the land.
is that your life?
do you understand?
black and white television
back the right television
black and white television
hard to fight television
show me it's all a dream

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