Thursday, November 25, 2021

Lyrics of Kevin Ayers "Blaming It All On Love"

Blaming It All On Love

I guess I'm feeling old today
I can't get in the mood to play, oh no.
Feeling low.
And things have got to change, oh, yeah
'Cause there's no point and there's no use
In that tired old excuse
Of blaming it all on love.

Can't rely on anyone,
To show me how to have my fun, but me
And now I see
Clearer than before - and more
That it's a fool who lives too small
Beats his head against the wall
Yeah, blaming it all on love.

Looking at the world outside
I sometimes have to run and hide away
When I should stay,
And join in with the dance, oh yeah.
'Cause it's a crime and a disgrace
When I think of the time I waste
Blaming it all on love, sweet love
Blaming it all on love, sweet love
Blaming it all on love, love love.

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