Thursday, November 25, 2021

Lyrics of Laura Nyro - Blackpatch


Invitations to my party
Send Jones an inviting card
He got his mean streak from the gutter
Got his kindness from God

Now tugboats paint the river
Carry coal to the city and white dock liners
Happiness on the uptown side
Of my party in the morning tide

Ooh la la la blackpatch
Ooh la la la blackpatch
In blackpatch, in blackpatch.

Clothes spin on washropes
Window to window tie
Socks and bells and nightgowns
Tassels in the morning sky.

People all ready, ready
Ready ready,
Ready ready,
Ready ready,
I've been trying, I've been thinking
I've been trying, I've been thinking.

Womanchild on the side street
Flashing in blackpatch
Lipstick on a reefer
Waiting For a match

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