Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Lyrics of The Lowest Of The Low - Black Monday

Black Monday

Black monday,
is coming around again
and it feels like a friend
who just won't take a hint, cuz it's
Hangin me up, and it's
hangin around
and i'm feeling far too lost to feel too profound
and the tone of my voice is the loneliest sound
and my heroes have all become pathetic clowns
and i'm feeling far too lost to feel too profound
My friend kate,
you laugh like a tidal wave
but charlie won't surf,
on your laughter, on black monday, and the
Shadows i feel, are the
shadows in me
and not even your face or your beautiful smile
or the curve of your breasts or your laughing bright eyes
could make me beleive i'm a winner tonite
when monday morning is just outta sight,
ya monday morning is just outta sight.
Well i know a story,
'bout a man who couldn't see past his finger tips
to reach out and touch it
was just too much like he needs it
and i know of her
who reached out to me and all she got were my barb wire hands
and i won't be too proud
if she can't depend on me when black monday stats comin' round
My friend kate,
you are sad, and beautiful
and the way i am
has never been too good for us, cuz i'm
Too blind to hear, and i'm
too deaf to see.
but i still have a voice that can call out your name
with a gut full of beer and a head full of pain
i can lie in yer arms and be lover's again
(and) thank god tuesday morning is just hours away
thank god tuesday morning is just hours away, yeah
And do you know,
i won't let you down, let you down
rest your head,
when i come around, come around
Do you know,
you can count on me, count on me
laugh out loud,
i see what you see, what you see
Naa, naaa. . .

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