Thursday, November 25, 2021

Lyrics of Lucky Charmes (Blast ME Party 6/10/2018)

Blast On Me

Just waking up in the morning gotta thank a
for last night when i almost got my ass shot
this putos on my ass started blasting
lucky for me i was fucken packing
i had my night crome so i pulled it out
down for my shisle i decided to hens uh
Closed my eyes for a second for a little break
thinking would i live, after i started spraying
time for fucken blasting take my cuete out safety
every fucken round till the last before they blaaast me
12 midnight at a red light shot your fucken clauson and gotta a jura inside and everything was all right i'll thank the lord up above i didn't get my ass pop! called up the homies just to let them know waz up, yo silent
Waz up lucky, what the f***
Stupid livestop full of shit, but to me it was just another hit, that's what they get for fuc*** with me last night, i can't believe i almost got my ass shot
Last night was the motha fucken sing to see
last night some punk fools tried to blast on me
last night pulled it out, shit i ain't no punk
last night didn't care, i started to dumb
Pumping in my honda to my homie's patches
hoping tonight i don't get my ass cap
like last night 2 fools tried to blaaast me
stupid little labs just couldn't f*** with me
now days every puto wants a piece of me
am i the enemy (man), i'm the cholo in the night abstraping, so fucken night , i ain't no chucky
tonight is another night with the fool they call lucky, as i hit my perro's manssion everybody is just blazing, piping it, with the hoes kicking it,
Yeah we're getting faded and popping that's right
got the blont rolled up, lucky passed me the light, not tripping, macking bitches, straight living it up, all the homies fuc*** up, showing nothing but love, straight gansta party, oc, la, homies from different counties
and among the state, don't trip lucky, those fools will get it offside
It was 7 at the time, i'm thinking about last night
Last night was the motha fucken sign for me
last night sipping alleys saying hands to see
last night kicking back, having a gang of fun
last night who would've thought that my life was done
Leave my homie's pedro not giving a f*** if i get my ass pop, as i'm going down corona i'm fucken tripping alusinating
on my ass fucken sleeping, i'm seeing doble, i think i'm getting trouble
as i'm going 35 i see a shadow
now wondering it will fucken packing
same fools from last night what the f*** happened
i see a fool pulling out his gun, point one range got a motha fucken round one
lucky for me i was fucken packing
once again, back again for the strapping
Let me tell you what happened
this putos came blasting and my car start capping
Waz up now bitch
I said f*** it, take the safety out and start spitting, feeling all cold as i feel my neck bleeding, feeling all dizzy, loosing control, not giving a f*** if i get my ass blown, next thing i know i hit a curb, as i get another shot to my…

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