Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Lyrics of W.A.S.P. - Black forever

Black Forever

There's red in my head
but I don't want it
The blues were swarming
there in my soul
Shadows over me and
The only colour I can paint my soul

I want black and don't fade away
I want it black forever
Inside of me, all I want to see's
The colours in my head
I'm in black the only way
And make it black forever
Go inside and go inside and
Never come back out again

Don't colourize me
'Cause I don't want it
The ravens taken over my soul
The only thing I want is
The only way I want to go

The reds were in my head, the blues were my soul
Swirl in my mind, never let go
Blind my eyes with a cold embrace
I'll lay my veil all across my face
Everyone I used to know
Sees me strange, sees me bold
Everything I used to hold
Will fade away my soul

No confessions and no regrets
I'll paint the black all across my chest
Gimme darkness and gimme rest
Gimme blackness or gimme death

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