Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Lyrics of The Wurzels - Blackbird


where be it blackbird to?
i know where he be,
he be up yon wurzel tree,
and i be after he!
now i sees he, and he sees i,
bugger'd if i don't get 'en
wit a girt big stick i'll knock 'im down
blackbird, i'll 'ave thee!
la la la la la la
la la la la la la
'ow's 'e fadder?
(audience answer) allright!
All me life i'm on the farm,
workin' for me keep
tendin' pigs and chickens,
and they cows and sheep
and then while i'm workin',
there's one who always mocks me
he sittin up 'dere in the trees,
blackbird i'll 'ave thee!
Underneath the open sky
in spring we loves to dine.
we likes to 'ear the flappin'
of the missus' washin' line
we listens to a tuneful song,
a blackbird or a tit,
but on me vest and underpants
he scored a direct hit!
If i goes out poachin',
a creepin' through the fields,
with me old retriever,
a followin' at me heels.
if i aim me shotgun at a pheasant in the hay
that bloody blackbird starts his row
and frightens him away!
No longer can i sleep at night,
get peace of any kind,
that bird'll be the death of me,
he's prayin' on me mind!
if i chase him long enough,
i'll get 'en by and by,
and celebrate me vict'ry
wit a girt big blackbird pie!

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