Sunday, December 26, 2021

Lyrics of Cheryl Wheeler - Howl at the Moon

Cheyenne & Sugarfoot

I used to hope the aliens would please pick me
now if i saw a spaceship
i would u-turn and floor it
ta-ta et
maybe my sense of adventure receded from focus
to dwindle and then disappear
or maybe it's just getting hard not to notice
there's plenty to do around here
I used to run fast just to dive to the ground
in our cheyenne and sugarfoot game
now it's true i get stiff just from sitting around
but i do like to sit just the same
and i don't mind the old, i don't mind the gray
it's not like i was miss clairol anyway
and it's okay with me that i will not be
the first to find out if the swing works okay
'cause i don't have to remember laissez-faire taught us
i don't even own any good shoes
and if you're having apples with mayonnaise and walnuts
i can just say "no thank you"

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