Sunday, December 26, 2021

Lyrics of Daddy Dewdrop - Chick-A-Boom (Don't Ya Jes' Love It) - 45 RPM

Chick A Boom

Chick-a-boom (don't ya jes' love it)daddy dewdroplast night i had a crazy dreamabout a chick in a black bikinioh she looked so good she couldn't be realso she must be a magic geniebut then she disappeared around a cornerall i saw were three doors and the top of her bikinii made it through the first door there was a party going oni asked about the chick but what they said was thisrefrainchick-a-boom chick-a-boom don't ya jes' love itchick-a-boom chick-a-boom don't ya jes' love itchick-a-boom chick-a-boom don't ya jes' love itchick-a-boom chick-a-boom-boom-boomi found the bottom halfbehind the second doorwhich took me to africa i presumethis really far out cat was screaming half crazy"bomp boom a loo bom a long bam boo"i said hey man cut that jiveand tell me where the chick wentbut he looked at me as pleased as could beand said a lotta words but i wonder what he meantrefrainah don't ya jes' love itooh don't ya jes' love itdon't ya love it don't ya love itoh yeah don't ya love jes' itdon't ya jes' love it nowi opened the third door and there she wasand she whispered so sexy oh oohi tried to do the same and impress her with my stylebut why this chick would never knowrefraindon't ya know it

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