Sunday, December 26, 2021

Lyrics of Himsa - Cherum


Disengage, silence breaks the desperation
Loneliness fuelled enclosed in solitude
Push the void buckle under its preciousness
The sting of dejection nestled in conformity
Called by name, enthralled or covetous
Mesmerized, it's everything I am
Pick the poison, my thirst, her existence
Passiveness is the thorn in my side

Testing the limits perpetual motion entangles morality
Slicing at will fullness to leave on empty
Enticed by debauchery borrowed in to corrupt the lust
Of awe-defining nature, she leaves her mark on me

And it's become the only thing that I trust
The last piece that will never ever leave
Daunted by false transition justifies complacency
When elation exploits the weakness of purity

Protect me from the break of revulsion
Against the glimmer of fates first light
Embrace the ache of aftermath
For I am more alone than I have ever been

I recoil, the dust has settled, cleared the way for deliverance
Bares the weight of hope and harmony
Bite the tongue to the voice of reason
Cut the throat to destiny
Let the cruel days pass with no serenity
Love will tear you apart

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