Sunday, December 26, 2021

Lyrics of Say Anything - Chia-Like, I Shall Grow

Chia-like, I Shall Grow

I've watched you all succeed with the highest marks in greed
From my cave where you're displayed like photographs that bleed
And I took the names to their ivory membranes
I am hate, everlasting with each sickly spell I'm casting

And discard all feelings
The stars scar my ceiling
This time I won't spare you
Who knew I, I won't spare you

And my pain is mine
It's become my friend with time
Chia-like, it grows, now watch it fester for my foes.
One day I'm gonna get up right back into the city

With my flamethrower now
You bet your life it won't be pretty
I discard all my feelings
As the stars still scar my ceiling

I won't spare you
Photograph, photograph, photograph,
Why'd you have to go and take a picture of a life like that
You are a human now
I give up on you

Look at you
Pretty boy, funny face, down in a pond of glue
You are in human half we give up on all those like you
Discard all feelings

The stars scar my ceiling
I won't spare you
(We'll kill you. I won't kill you)
I shall grow and grow

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