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Lyrics of 03. Cradle Rock (feat. Left Eye) - Method Man

Cradle Rock

[Featuring Left Eye]

All the children come into the light...

[Sample of \"Bright Tomorrow\"] There will be...

Chorus/Intro: Left Eye and Method Man

Rock a bye baby from the rooftop

When the guns blow your cradle gets rocked

When the earth quakes and the sky starts to fall

Down will come emcees fake shit and all!

Verse One: Method Man

On top I be the show shot

The bomb drop

After shot blow your bumba claat to smithereens

Time stop, flyin' guillotines

Commin for your flock

What you mean you spilled the beans, ay?

Black out and thought I seen pop

Lazer beam glock

what's a bird to a brother with a flock, wha?

They got some nerve

To even try and shit a turd

On John J, flap a nigga gate

With the wordplay

Hot Nik shoot you with the gift

Its your birthday

God hatin' ugly in the worst way

Fuck 'em like the Earth say

From first day I survey the hassle

Death knockin at your door

In the Big Apple

Meth rotton to the core

Shackle, in the sound castle

The doungeon, with vermin

In the form of emcees determined

To step foot on God soil

Not knowin' that these egg heads come hard boiled

And heavy handed

The aliens they just landed

And you in the way

Overthrow these niggas planet

independence Day

Felons, get split melons

Homicide buck niggas get the buck with pelets


Johnny 5 take it worldwide

As long as I pledge aligence to the Dark Side

I'll never die

Who ya know with a flow like this?

Bring em in

What clan you know blow like this?

Bring em in

Take that nigga [that nigga...]


Hook One: Method Man [Left Eye]

The sound of gun birth put the foul in this earth

[foul in this earth]

You can't fake plannin' from the

?Mack Control Theories? [Mack Control Theories]

Murder in the first bring 'em back down to Earth

[back down to Earth]

You niggas don't hear me, prepare for the worst!

[prepare for the worst]

Verse Two: Method Man

Times gon change, nuttin will remain the same

Million dollar broke niggas still fucked up in the game

Make me want to choke niggas shittin' on my name

Tuck your chain I approach nigga Go Against the Grain now

?Hit the standin' brain? now

Die Hard fan call me John John McClain now

Snake vs the Crane Style

Death to the enemy, Wu brother number one

The centipede, trouble some

Send 'em all to Kingdom Come

Sun still shine one

Time for your crooked mind

Drunk off of cheap wine

Son I'm in the street crime

Every word, every line

Got juice very fine

Turn me loose on mankind

Detionate the land mine

Funk gets me goin' now

Never sell, never sold

Live by the code now

Never tell, never told

Darts I throw

Like Clyde with the finger roll

Clut shots an what not

This is where the buck stops

Still can't eat and y'all still can't sleep

I eat up my ?self? as presidential emcee

Wu-Tang killa bee

The bee high facility

In love with the blunt smoke

Even though its killin me

Bad vibes fillin me

With thoughts of conspiricy

White Water scandals with Bill Clinton Hilary

Too hot to handle

Well put together to dismantle

Fucka, you heard me?


Hook Two: Meth

Excuse me as I kiss the sky

Catch me when I fall son I'm too young to die

Me and Lefty, that be the Eye come test me

If you don't know, you never know me

Boost the birdie



Outro: Left Eye

Ayyo, I got 360 degrees of self, that's mind body and spirit

120 degrees a piece

We gon' break it down into simple terms

That's nine nigga nine

Highest level of change

It's too many niggas sittin' on they ass

waitin' for shit to just happen

Shit just don't happen

Gon' fuck around a miss a buck

If you take away the negative, make room for the positve

that's addin' and subtractin' on the real

Niggas betta learn they math

Cause if my calculations serve me

Correct I'ma fuck around and have all this shit

I'm on yo ass nigga

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