Saturday, January 15, 2022

Lyrics of ANGEL DUST - Cross Of Hatred

Cross Of Hatred

See the fire, feel the pain,
The blood runs cold through our veins
No mercy will reflect in our eyes
United with the cold steel of death in our hands

Let them pay for the crimes, they have done
Crush their cities, burn down their lodgings,
Allow no one to survive
Or their revenge will eradicate

Your children's lives
Be prepared for the moment,
When you'll meet your maker
And his reaper has become your own life taker

Oh, here I stand and I swear, it's your word that I bear
And I'll scream it out for everyone to hear
I will fight not asking why, I will rub out every lie
For your law, oh my Lord, I'm prepared to die

See an arm, see a leg
Torn apart the rest
That's been you my friend
Just seconds ago

How many tears are left to cry
How many lives are left to die
Who'll answer me now after you've closed your eyes?
Oh here I stand and I swear, I'll damn your word I still hear

And I'll scream it out for everyone to hear
I will not fight four your lie, why you want us all to die?
For your law, oh you beast, we've been sacrificed

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