Thursday, January 13, 2022

Lyrics of Beenie Man-Crazy Notion

Crazy Notion

So could I hear some gunshot inna di air
Nuh gal nuh neva sidung inna yuh face like chair
She have to find herself some other guy
Badman don't live dreams mi nuh nyam princess nor queen
She have to find herself some other guy

Mi hear sey yuh and booga man a par (yuh a licki back)
Mi see yuh inna booga man car (yuh a licki back)
Mi hear yuh a drink inna booga man bar (yuh a licki back)
Mi hear sey booga man a sen you cloth (yuh a licki back)
A wha dat maaan awha dat maaan

Well a nuh strike,
Please nuh bite di pussy dat nuh right
Some man a don a day but dem a vamps inna night
Right,mi hear sey yuh an yuh girl gone fight
Wrap up unda sheet an she a drink from yuh pipe
Wait 'nough a dem a bawl flee flee
See a booga man we ago kill dat fi free
Anyway,none a dem nuh walk near we
Wi nuh deal wid bowcats nor di sodom posse


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