Friday, January 14, 2022

Lyrics of Cross My Heart

Cross My Heart

First time I crossed my heart
I was begging baby please
At your bedside
Down on my knees
When I crossed my heart
When I crossed my heart
I crossed my heart,
Pretty baby over you

Second time I crossed my heart
Rain came in from the south
I was lying there with something sweet and salty in my mouth
When I crossed my heart
When I crossed my heart
When I crossed my heart, pretty darling over you.

Well you may think the world's black and white
And you're dirty or you're clean, son
You better watch out you don't slip
Through them spaces in between

Well the night gets sticky
And the sky gets black
I grabbed you baby, and you grabbed me back
And we crossed our hearts
Mmm we crossed our hearts
Yeah, I crossed my heart

Well little boys little girls
Hell they don't know wrongs from their rights,
And once you cross your heart, you ain't ever supposed to lie
Well life ain't nothing but a cold, hard ride
I ain't leaving til I'm satisfied.
I cross my heart
Yeah I cross my heart
Well I cross my heart
Pretty darling over you


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