Saturday, January 15, 2022

Lyrics of Cruel Kindness

Cruel Kindness

Cruel kindness drew me near and held me close
and i not knowing kindness to be cruel,
embraced and held with little thought of loss
or fear of broken heart or broken soul
But sure as silent moon's sweet subtleties,
that oft attract the eye and lure the mind
your moonbeam-charms increasing by degrees
came with enchanting chains, my heart to bind
Thus bound and heavenward up from the ground
you raised me sev'ring all my ties below
and then, as waking from a dream
i found you gone, and me hang'd high from kindness' bough
Your kindness keenly made my half heart whole
but now you're gone and gone with you, my soul
Luna - luna e muta
cuore - cuore rubato
spero - spero invano
sogno - mi sveglio dal sogno, no!
non so se voglio ricordare, ma non posso dimenticare,
sole, luna, stelle, mondo - il mio dolore non ha fondo,
la crudele gentilezza - incantevole bellezza
ingannato ognor mi hanno, con incanto e gran danno

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