Thursday, January 13, 2022

Lyrics of Javier Colon - Crazy


Hmmmmmmmm, hey yea hey, hoooooowhooo, baby,

Kind of like a summer's breeze,
You do exactly as you please,
Drop a brother to his knees just for fun.
I think it was the first of May,
Girl I can't forget the day,
Right then and there I knew you were the one.
Do you think that possibly,
You could spend your life with me,
Cause girl this love is growing, and it's hotter than the sun.

I get a little bit crazy baby,
Every time you call my name
My heart beats a little bit faster,
After, you are in my arms again.
You try to fight it,
Don't even try to hide it,
Emotions falling down like the rain,
I can't find the words to explain it,
Ain't it, crazy how I fall,
Every time you call my name.

It's kind of like a work of art,
You shot an arrow through my heart,
Even though we're worlds apart I can't deny,
It feels like your apart
Of me the finish and the start of me,
Girl you are the heart of me,
And that's no lie,
Did I mention that I love you so,
And I just want the world to know,
If I could you know I would write your name across the sky.

Crazy, crazy
Every time that your close to me,
I lose control of my sanity,
Every night, everyday, every word and you say,
Girl do you know you put a spell on me.

Every time you call my name,
I don't know what to do,
I'm so in love with you.

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