Saturday, January 15, 2022

Lyrics of Koopsta Knicca - Crucifix ft. DJ Paul


Inside inside inside inside that funk
Can hypnotize hypnotize
Dead a nigga dead they said
A nigga dead a nigga dead
It's in my fuckin' head

Late nights I cruise in my Chevrolet
Scopin' out the house where those stay
Who don't play the fizies the triple 6
Twice and never make a house call bitch
Murder is all on my mind
So I grab my plastic nine
I'm foister on the low-low where my soul sent me
Some shit now look deep into my eyes
And plus the devil's in me
Don't try to offense the
Six to the third power see
Don't cross that set bitch I'll stang you once
In front of these
Machine... guns
We point... don't run it's kinda hard to duck
When I start to buck buck
I bet you won't get buck you fuck ass niggas
I catch you slippin' I gets to clippin'
And then we push back my fuckin trigga
Happy and figga what nigga I've come to destroy you
Your old DJ and fool I enjoyed you
But now it's time to cut this shit
You been tricked now witness
Witness my crucifix

[Chorus: x2]

Crucifix spread wit bloody red all on my pillow
Fool moved by my window so I call my nigga Scarecrow
Croomy got the nine inside fine
Yeah 'cause Knick ain't goin'
I constantly fight these demons
But I'm startin' to see he's winnin
No witness in the dark
I start to rip some hearts in them parts
Where's your god where's your god
Oh where's your fuckin' god?
Soon or later playa days'll comw with many greater
Robbers killers coccaine dealers the realest
Enormous haters
I'm wagin awaitin' them demons by the fuckin basement
Leavin niggas shakin' when they face the face of Satan
Ten safens in thy casket mend the soul
And then I grasp it
That's all they got too far and then
The hurt deepens and crackens
Me Juicy and Paul mane
Was rollin in the fuckin lone
Headed to a muthafuckin ritual
Where I never tell nobody but somebody wouldn't know
Ya sold ya soul what's the cost
You hoes was scared bitch
Robin these bitches and make me some riches
Invite em to my crucifix

[Chorus: x3]

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